Here is the Proven Method That is Helping Coaches, Consultants, and Solopreneurs Create a Steady Stream of Referrals



  • What it would feel like to stop “winging it” in your networking.

  • What it would be like to receive a steady flow of new referrals.

  • How much closer you could be to reaching your goals.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re not getting the results you are looking for from your networking efforts.

  • Like many business owners, you don’t have a networking strategy and “wing it” most of the time.

  • You network all week long (most weeks) and still fall short of hitting your growth goals.

  • You find the thought of creating a networking strategy makes you feel overwhelmed.

Announcing my High Impact Networker 6-Week Online Bootcamp.

An online transformation program tailored specifically for business owners who want to increase the results from their networking efforts.

  • Get clear on your messaging so that your networking partners can refer you with ease.

  • Never have to “wing it” again in your networking so you can get the referrals you need to get closer to your goals.

  • Expand your mindset to think bigger and intentionally attract more and better business.

  • Increase your strategic partner relationships with the right professionals to effortlessly attract and serve more clients.

  • Never fall down on your follow up again.

This isn’t like anything you’ve seen or experienced before…

I'm sure you're thinking you've heard it all before and you're wondering how this transformation could be any different than everything else out there. Let me share a few things with you.


The High Impact Networker 6-Week Online Bootcamp is like no other program out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for coaches, consultants and solopreneurs based on my 15 years' experience in this industry working with thousands of business owners, but most programs will leave you...


Confused and overwhelmed. They give you so much information, it’s like drinking from a fire hose. And because it’s so complex, you end up stuck and anxious, finding yourself in the same situation 6 months from now.

Falling back into old habits because what you learned wasn’t sustainable. They focused on strategy and not implementation. You’re excited about the possibilities and inspired to implement what you have learned, but you have no idea where to begin--and so you don’t. 

I will teach you my proven strategies that work. And you will receive coaching and mentorship to think bigger and achieve more from your networking.


You will take your business to the next level because I will walk beside you as we create, practice, and implement these new networking tools.


After each weekly strategy session, you will walk away with an action plan to make giant strides in your business. In addition, you have a private call with me to schedule at any point in the Bootcamp when you feel it will benefit you most!


Networking is one of the most valuable skills a business owner needs to know, yet they don’t teach it in school. When I first began networking, I had NO idea how to share what I did with others and how to make connections. I just knew networking was supposed to be a great way to grow my business. The first time I gave a business commercial was a bust. I didn’t have the guts to attend my first business Mixer. I could go on and on. I am happy to report I cracked the networking code and I am here to share what I learned and short cut the learning curve and get you on your way to a successful business. 

6 Week Bootcamp


2 X $ 560

3 X  $380

Are you ready to level up

your results?

Your investment for 6 Weeks of Networking Strategy Coaching:

Imagine networking at a higher level with confidence and clarity!

During the Bootcamp,

you will create and achieve:

Week 1

Your winning business commercial blueprint so you can be clear about what you do and who you serve

Week 2 & 3

Revolutionary results with the ‘BIG Ask’ growth system so you can receive bigger, better referrals

Week 4 & 5

Dynamic power partner relationships to achieve more profits in less time

Week 6

Top 1-2-1 session strategies so you can create more connect and collaborate with others at a higher level

You will receive:

  • Six Weekly Video Training Sessions

    Lifetime access to all training materials and session recordings.

  • High level networking

    and relationship building with other global professionals/enrollees.

  • Six Weekly 1-hour Strategy/Q&A Calls

    Exclusive expert access and feedback with Terilee

  • Fillable templates/ worksheets/checklists

    to get you started.

After the Bootcamp, you will...

  • Walk away with a networking success toolkit to help you increase your reach. 
  • Feel confident and be clear in your messaging to reach your goals.
  • Take intentional action that will lead to more referrals.


And here’s how I know this will work for you.

It's not a not a “how to” course focused on strategy where you don’t know where to start once it’s over and you end up frustrated.

The High Impact Networker 6-Week Online Bootcamp is like nothing you've seen or experienced before. 

This is a “Bootcamp” where you do the work as you go--taking action and laying a foundation each week creating a networking success toolkit that will help you create a steady stream of referrals.

If all this program did for you was:

  • Finally helped you to get clear on your messaging... would this be worth it?

  • Gave you a steady stream of referrals to grow your business with ease... would this be worth it?

  • Gave you ALL you need to think BIGGER, ask BIGGER, and receive BIGGER and better results... would this be worth it?

YES, of course it would. This Bootcamp WILL change your life!

Sign up today

It's time to make a choice to commit to your goals and

make a bigger impact in the world.

Here’s what others

had to say:

For over 15 years, Terilee Harrison has been helping entrepreneurs clarify their messaging to help them stand out, build relationships with power partners, and increase their referrals and networking results.

– Chella Diaz, Money Relationship Strategist

When I first learned about the High Impact Networker Bootcamp, I thought I have been networking for almost 20 years, so I am a pro and already know everything (how wrong I was!) Then I thought but why am I not getting the best referrals? Being the person who always likes to learn more, I decided to sign up for this course, and I am so glad I did! If you want to learn how to get better referrals, this course is for you! Terilee Harrison is an amazing instructor with extensive knowledge in networking. 

–  Sussan Toub, Perfect Impression Ltd.

If you’re wanting to get clear on your pitch for networking and your Big Ask and determining who your  power partners are, I can highly recommend Terilee Harrison’s Networking Bootcamp. It has been amazing for me in my business. I’m already seeing the rewards and benefits from getting very specific and clear in my pitch. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the Bootcamp. Thank you so much, Terilee!

– Sam McFarlane, Sam Says

If you are looking for a better way to network… If you are networking and not getting the results that you want… If you have been wondering how to ask for big referrals, then you need to be a part of Terilee Harrison's Networking Bootcamp. You will learn all of these things and much more! Terilee knows all about networking and connections. Make sure you're connected in networking by taking her Networking Bootcamp course

– Tommy Sommers, Logozone Productions

I would like to give a big shout out to Terilee Harrison and her Networking Bootcamp course. If you are new to networking or a seasoned pro, you will be guaranteed to come away with some very handy nuggets. You will learn how to network on purpose so that you get the attention of those you wish to serve or collaborate with. I highly recommend this course! Terilee is knowledgeable, engaging and I look forward to my weekly classes. After I had tweaked my business commercial, I had compliments from other networkers saying how my spiel was on point and sleek. Thanks, Terilee!

– Kaye Cramond , AESA

Terilee Harrison is the Superwoman of Virtual Networking. She is a true giver and would go out of her way to make people around her successful. Her energy is contagious, and it is an inspiration for people who are connected to her. Her meticulous way of conducting meetings and educating the network and making sure the right people are getting connected is world class.

- Venkatesh Balasubramanian, Compunet Connections

About Terilee Harrison.


Terilee Harrison is a Virtual and In-Person Networking Trainer, an Entrepreneur, and an International Speaker/Author. 


An expert in business networking and relationship marketing for 15+ years, Terilee has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs at TEAM Referral Network in Southern California teaching them how to network in the most lucrative way. 


She connects business owners, coaches, and consultants through an online global referral community at TEAM Referral Network Virtual Chapters.


After an international move from the US to Singapore in 2017, she began networking virtually in 2018 and went full force into this emerging trend. Today, she works with professionals with borderless boundary businesses from all of North America, the UK, Australia, India, South Africa and beyond.